Friday, 24 April 2009

Volunteer Work at the Primary School

This past Wednesday was our last day to volunteer at the primary school near our apartment. We were surprised to learn this, but it is because this coming Wednesday the students are presenting a very big May Day program (sports). We have observed the entire school or so it seems lining up every afternoon to practice for this special occasion.
The month of May will be spent working hard drilling, cramming, and studying for the all important tests that the students will take in June.
We have worked with all the sixth grade students this semester. They have been delightful and we have learned much from them. This past month we have primarily listened to and made suggestions to their speeches for the English competition they had last weekend.
When we arrived at the school this week, we were presented with gifts of appreciation and then escorted to the different classrooms where the students posed with us. The assistant principal (we aren't sure of her official title) was so kind to take the pictures and email them to us.
The students have been wonderful. They have so much energy and have been especially kind to us.

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jakeanddeana said...

It looks like there were lot's of them -- it looks like it is greening up nicely there