Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The tigers in Harbin

We saw many many tigers and other species at a "wild animal park" in Harbin. The pictures don't really capture the feeling of driving around with them outside the bus.

The white tiger was in a cage, but he was an impressive sight.
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jakeanddeana said...

That looks almost eerie! I bet it was amazing to be surrounded by the tigers -- I wonder if the bus driver worried about flat tires! :)

Старейшйнa и Сестра Шепард (Shepard) said...

Just caught up on your blog. I hadn't seen it since the Forbidden City post. I can only manage how incredible your experience has been. The ice and snow sculptures were quite amazing...And the tigers...You should know that in heaven, I will have a tiger for a pet. Can you imagine a better pet!!


Browns said...

You and Mike look really good! I like your Uof A sweat shirts, and the girls taking a picture of you are cute! So is your ride home...
It really looks like your guys are having a fun time. We had fun with Deana and Marlene and Cooper is obsessed with Spencer.