Sunday, 21 December 2008

Deana's Visit

While Deana was here we went to the Beijing Planning Exhibition Center which was phenomenal. They had among many other things a model of all of Beijing. It was great.

Here we are as a happy family at a friend's apartment celebrating Mike's birthday.

here we are in front of a picture of a beautiful landscape.

Another picture of part of the model of Beijing. This picture includes part of the man made lake at Olympic park. Deana had her pictures downloaded on our computer so I am borrowing them. We are very involved with our classes right now and test prep so who knows when we look at our own pictures which are either still on the camera or on another computer.
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jakeanddeana said...

Thanks for having me come to visit! I am glad I got to go! Jake and the other boys are at church right now, I wish they could have school just one more week. It is nice and quiet with just Spencer and me.