Thursday, 19 June 2008

Disneyland Reunion

While we were serving our mission in Moscow Russia we tried to think of a way to have a family reunion which would include all of our children and their families. This seemed like a daunting task considering they live in four different states, have jobs or school commitments, and Lauren and Drew were expecting a baby in April. Just before we left Russia Feb. 14, Deana contacted us and said that everyone agreed to meet in Disneyland about the 7th of March. Tickets were purchased and reservations were made... then we received the phone call from Natalie about the last day of February informing us that Clint had been in a serious bicycle accident AGAIN a week before we were supposed to meet. Fortunately he recovered enough to make the trip, Lauren didn't have the baby 6 weeks early and we all made it to Disneyland.
Here are some pictures from our adventure.


Grandma trying to monitor 5 grandchildren at once on the merry-go-round.

Michael and Melissa's little boy. He is an exceptionally good baby!

Papa is thrilled to meet Colton and Colton is thrilled to get to know his other grandpa.

There were so many special memories which we don't have pictures of. One of my favorites was Kaleena reading me a book. She did it perfectly and I didn't even know she could read!
It was also wonderful to see Chris and Westly. He is a darling little boy!

Trying to put together this blog has made me appreciate the hard work and skill involved in posting a blog. Hopefully I get better at it as I get more experience.


jakeanddeana said...

where did the rest of your blogging go? Looks good so far!

Browns said...

Looks cute! We'll look forward to seeing more as you go to China and all the many other adventures you are sure to go on